EDTP News for the New Millennium

First of all I would like to wish my UAW Brothers and Sisters a Happy, Healthy, Blessed and Prosperous New Year! Well, here we go again, not just another New Year - it is a new century. Changes in the twentieth century were fast and numerous. The 21st century will be even more challenging than
the twentieth. Many fast and numerous changes are forth coming. We as UAW-Ford employees are fortunate to have had a new computer with Internet access provided as a benefit. This will assist us in adapting to some of these changes.  There are many things we can do with a computer. Data pertaining to many employment occupational areas that are in and will be in the most demand over the next ten years are computer related. A major change in the area of Education and Training is that we will see many opportunities to complete our education through use of the Computer/Internet. We currently have the UAW-Ford University, U of M-D college degree program offered at Saline with that format of Education. In the near future we will have many other degree opportunities through us of this medium.
There are a number of computer related classes being offered this semester to familiarize us with some of the computers capabilities. These classes include, Web Page Design, Exploring the Internet, Digital Imaging for photographs. There are many other computer classes being offered through the Learning Center, including but not limited to Introduction to computers, Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.  Some of the other classes being offered this semester include Tole Painting (arts & crafts), Roy Hill Drag Racing school is offering a Chassis & Suspension school for those interested in automotive repair and racing. Home Security Systems Installer, Financial Education, Fishing Rod building and communication skills and presentations are few more examples of class offerings for the Winter 2001 Semester. Not only is the century new, the classes being offered, for the most part are being offered for the first time.  Remember I am here to assist the membership in meeting their educational and training needs and desires. Please let me know if there are classes you like to see in the future. I will do my best to make it happen. Once again, if there are not enough participants in a class, there is always a possibility of a class being canceled. If you are interested in a class and the class is offered, please sign up for the class. If you are signed up for a class, please make an attempt to attend so that the class is not canceled for others who want the class to run. The Income Tax Preparation Class and the Mosaic Tile Class scheduled to start in January 2001 are canceled due to lack of interest and participation.  If you haven't registered for the Winter Semester On-site classes yet - it's not to late. Class Schedules are available in the In-Plant Union Office, in the Education & Training Coordinator (ETC) Office, located in the In-Plant Training Center, the Learning Center and at our Local Union Hall.  Please feel free to call me at 734-429-6959. If I am on another line or away from my desk leave me a message and a phone number and I will get back with you as soon as I can. 

We will be doing a re-registration for classes as follows:
* Residential Security Systems Installer
* Advanced Presentation Skills
* Presentation Skills
* Stained Glass
* Financial Education & Investments Program (FEIP)
* Web page design

Wednesday 1/17/01, 5:45am - 7:30am, West Entrance Break Area
7:45am - 4:30pm Main Cafeteria

Joseph A. Dzwonkowski
Education Training Coordinator, EDTP, Saline Plant